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Local businesses are essential to a vital local economy and community character. They use the goods and services of other local businesses, serve as community hubs, and are vital components of healthy community. They're where the locals go. They're owned by our friends and neighbors, or maybe even by you. Please support our Farmington businesses listed below.

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Scheuermann Chiropractic Clinic

Troy Scheuermann, D.C.
109 Elm Street - Farmington
Phone: (319) 878-1234
122 Division St. - Cantril
Phone: (319) 397-2234
Scheuermann Clinic 

Schmitz-Lynk Funeral Home

"Committed to Caring"
Brian Schmitz, Funeral Director
501 S. 4th St. - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3716
Schmitz-Lynk Funeral Home

Roy Smith Plumbing & Electric

25113 Rt. W46 - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3399
or (641) 680-2530
Email: Roy Smith
Roy Smith Plumbing & Electric

Sonny's Super Sticky Channel Cat Bait

707 S 8th Street - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3100
Sonny's CCB

Starship Enterprises
Sound & Light Systems

Music for All Occassions
Owner: Jeff Vineyard
Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3006
Starship Enterprises Graphic

State Central Bank

101 S 2nd Street - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3320
Visit Web Site
State Central Bank


Tax Time Made Easy

and might be surprised

105 Elm Street - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3815

Payroll - Bookkeeping - Tax Returns - Medications Assistance

Looking for that special gift, find all your Home Interior needs here.

Tax Time Made Easy

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Valley View Villa, Inc.

Senior Housing
Twenty-eight units, 2 locations.
Ervin and Vera Jenkins, Site Managers
Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3581
Valley View Villa


Wally's Trenching, Plumbing, and Heating

Installation and Repair

Owned by: Jamee Wallingford
103 S 2nd Street - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3515
Wally's Trenching, Plumbing & Heating

Westercamp Law Firm

Owned by: Steve Westercamp
107 Elm Street - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3800

Westercamp's - Rent-A-Horse

Owned by: Deah Westercamp
1116 Highway 2 - Farmington, IA
Telephone: (319) 878-3596
Email: Rent-A-Horse

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If you would like to have your local business listed on this page, please contact City Hall or the Webmaster. Please include the name of your business, the owner of the business, location/address of the business, telephone number, and web site address if there is one.


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