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The Farmington school system dates back to 1834 when children in the settlement went to school in the the new log house, erected before some of the families had comfortable homes. The Select Farmington Academy, opened in 1844, and maintained two teachers. A two-story frame building, erected in 1851, was the center of school activities for the ensuing nineteen years. In 1871, the town erected a six-room, three-story brick school building, costing $11,555. At the beginning of the 1890's the old brick school was no longer large enough, making it necessary for the school board to rent additional rooms. In 1898 A. T. S. Owen began his forty years of service as superintendent of schools. A new building was erected in the latter part of 1900. (Editor's Note: This school burned April 1, 1955. The fire crew was slow to respond thinking the call was an April Fools joke. It wasn't!)

Source: American Guide Series - Van Buren Co. Iowa - 1940

Since 1960, our community has been a part of the Harmony Community School District. See the school's web site and other related links below.

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Alumni for Farmington, Harmony & and Other County Schools
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