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Self Guided Tour of Farmington

Continued . . .


McCormick Home – Built 1888-1890, 108 N. 3rd St. by W.D. McCormick, Attorney at Law and one time mayor. Latticed tower room. Now a private residence. W.D. McCormick Home

Bandstand – Bandstand at Anderson Park built by the Farmington Chautauqua Association in 1916. Anerson Park Bandstand

Savings Bank - The Van Buren County Savings Bank building. Now the home of a gift shop. Van Buren Co Savings Bank

Von Seggen Home – Built - 1905. Owners Frederick and Mary Von Seggen. The bricks for the home were made at the brickworks that was located on the property. Now a private residence and under renovation. Frederick Van Seggen Home

Stirling Woolen Mill - Corner of State and 3rd, built in 1885 by John Stirling, Sr., who came from Scotland as weaver of fine Scotch fabrics, with sons Joseph and George. Later housed a number of businesses included a feed business and auto dealership. Stirling Woolen Mill 

The Old Gleckler House - Built 1845 -1850, 305 Elm Street. Brick with Gothic style window above porch. One of the oldest homes in Farmington. A private residence. Old Gleckler House

Kelly Home - Built in 1905 by Charles Kelly who ran a hardware store in Farmington. Made of cement block and wood. Currently under restoration. Charles Kelly Home
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